Amusé Bistro Moves to Cherry Point Vineyards

Award winning Cowichan Valley restaurant joins forces with one of the valley’s oldest Vineyards.

Owners Bradford Boisvert and Leah Bellerive welcome you to join them as they celebrate


their move to Cherry Point Vineyards. Starting May 1st the terrior focused seed to table cuisine of Chef Bradford Boisvert of Amusé on the Vineyard will be complementing the award winning wines of Cherry Point Estate Vineyards. Established in 1994, Cherry Point Vineyards well established vines coupled with the vision of current owners, Xavier Bonilla and Maria Clara, have made this property a true vinicultural destination. “We are so excited to welcome Amuse to our Farm Vineyard,” Bonilla exclaims “and we look forward to the pairing of Chef Bradford’s cuisine with our selection of 12 unique Cherry Point estate produced wines.”

Now going into it’s 9th successful year in the Cowichan Valley, Amusé continues it’s dedication to ingredient driven cuisine with onsite culinary gardens, relaxed lunches, a family welcoming Sunday brunch and the ever changing, pallette intriguing dinners presented by Chef Bradford and team. The beautiful herb garden patio and glass enclosed pavilion dining room overlooking the vines will be the backdrop for many great events such as dinner theater, long table dinner in the vineyard, a Friday evening patio oyster bar, and wine release parties. But also with this move comes expansion; Amusé will also now be welcoming weddings and large events.



DSC 5078-facebooksizedCulinary Gardens

While we are sourcing many of our ingredients for our menus from 15-20 different small local farms, producers, foragers and mongers, we are also growing many of our own.

Being as the property has been a farm since the late 1800’s it is not only important we continue this tradition, it is what this property is calling for. The property features heritage apple and pear trees, old growth walnut trees so bushy and tall, and soil as rich and fertile as black gold. Kale, herbs and edible flowers dot the garden landscape, growing here almost like wild weeds, as they have been doing for many a years. This is a true “sense of place” for our food.

Seed To Table; this is where our terroir cuisine starts.


In the 2013 growing season in our culinary gardens we produced:DSC 5101-facebooksized

Rainbow Blend Carrots
Russian Blue Potatoes
Eatable Flowers
Baby Lettuce
Astro Arugula
Pickling Cucumber
Purple Top White Globe
Bright Light Swiss Chard
Butternut Squash
Little Marvel Peas
Komatsuna Red Mustard Green
Heirloom Black Spanish Radish
French Breakfast Radish
Multi Colour Cauliflower
Dutch Heritage Dragon Tongue Beans
Palla Rossa Radicchio
Curly Endive
Derby Day Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
CalendulaDSC 5171-facebooksized
Lemon Gem Marigolds
Russian Red Kale
Lemon Thyme
Greek Oregano
Flat Leaf Parsley
Curley Parsley
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Heritage Apples
Heritage Pears